Welcome to Fifth Generation Systems, Ltd.

At Fifth Generation Systems, Ltd. we believe the key to successful projects is “effectiveness”. Intelligence, creativity, and innovation are extremely helpful, but, in the end, “effectiveness” is the characteristic that is most important. In the end, the client needs someone who can ship products that work with a high degree of reliability and quality. Knowing what to do is only part of the solution. Having the experience and discipline to actually do the right things is what delivers products to market. Knowledge work is not defined by quantity. It is defined by its results.

Past projects for FGS range in diversity from small-team embedded systems programming to large, multiyear enterprise software systems to ontology engineering of compliance-oriented problem domains. All of these projects require a similar set of engineering knowledge and professional expertise – the ability to construct models of the desired system and the experience necessary to implement those systems with the resources that are available for the job.